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    The ACT Community Living Project Inc (CLP) is a not-for-profit community organisation seeking services for people with disability, particularly those with a moderate to severe intellectual disability, many of whom have physical and/or health challenges.

    This group also includes people with Autism.

    CLP represents over 350 families in Canberra and the surrounding region who are seeking quality life choices for a family member with an intellectual disability.  CLP also represents families from interstate.

    Over 94% of the group CLP represents still live at home, many with ageing parents. Families are deeply concerned about what will happen to their much loved family member when they are no longer able to be cared for in their family home.


    CLP believes that people with disability should be entitled to the same opportunities as the rest of the community


    • a choice of accommodation that suits their individual needs;
    • access to lifelong education and training;
    • meaningful things to do every day - employment, paid or voluntary;
    • adequate, appropriate and timely medical and dental care;
    • opportunities to mix with their peers; and
    • social inclusion opportunities within the wider community.


    The objectives of CLP are:

    • To develop a range of residential options for people with disabilities where they 
      •  live in a community that includes their peers
      •  are treated with dignity and respect and are supported to maximise their independence and develop their interests and abilities 
      •  have access to employment opportunities or structured day activities which contribute meaning, purpose and satisfaction to their lives
      •  have ready access to appropriate medical and dental care to enhance their health and well-being
      •  share activities with their families and members of the broader ACT community.
    • To raise funds to support employment, training and lifestyle opportunities and initiatives for people with disabilities.
    • To provide up to date and relevant information to people with disabilities and their families, relating to a range of disability issues and programs available within the community.


    The families and friends of CLP thank you for your interest and support


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    Seeking quality life choices for people with disability